Worth the check

Today we are hopping between ag shops to get a better idea of nutrient costs and supply in the area. Emmanuel is tapping in an NPK goldmine here; Dizengoff's price are hard to compete with. The store is big, clean and there's plenty on offer. But it's the start of the new year, so just like with Aglow and Agrimat, we can't find the 50kg bag we were looking for. Someone tells us it shouldn't be long before they replenish and gives us a vague estimate of the price. At this point, everything seems to follow a general pattern. We make our way to smaller retailers and here... surprise: it's a 5 GHC win on the 1kg pack but an extra 10 GHC on the 50kg! As we're thinking, most of them buy from larger suppliers and, at this time of the year with empty stocks across town, they can afford for a small folly that won't hurt their business. 

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