The world's breadbasket

Key informant interview - Charles is the officer in charge at the Ghana Development Irrigation Authority and the principal agronomist at the Ashaiman site where he has trained farmers on techniques to grow their crops. He knows the area like the back of his hands so we sat for a while and he told me about the complex Ghanaian agri-business structure. He says farmers today have to face a number of challenges, from lack of soil nutrients, pest and diseases, water pollution and lack of machinery. But importantly he says there's a need for knowledge in best practices. For this reason, Charles is open to conducting BSF trials on the Ashaiman fields. Africa is the world's breadbasket, and we need to work together to improve food security, locally and globally. We talked for a long time; about farming sites, tribal dissociations, gender perceptions and youth and employment in the country. We walked the fields where the left side of the valley plunges onto the shadows and at the end of the day gathered around the table with a feast of local dishes. We will meet again soon for the farmers' surveys Mr. Adeku.  

Fufu meal with Mr. Adeku

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