Pilot testing and focus group discussions in Ashaiman

One of the most important step before fully implementing a questionnaire is to test it with a trial run; a small-scale version of the larger project. Pilot testing is crucial to help catch potential issues and prevent them from escalating. This week we met with farmers in Ashaiman, gathered in small groups and with some guideline questions sat to discuss farming practices, the challenges they have to face those days and their perception of our BSF products. Together we also went through the questionnaire samples and made sure all the questions were relevant ; so as to ensure we'd be measuring the desired outcomes in the best way possible. For this event we brought a poster and small samples of dried BSF and compost to show them the appearance, texture and smell of the final product. People we spoke with there were very enthusiastic about the project. For them, organic fertilizers are the best solution to avoid soil pollution and help replenish soil nutrients and its fertility.
 At the end of the day we shared some of our BSF compost we had brought in a truck and thanked them for their time - as we say around here, crops can't afford to take any day off!


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